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Exclusive FREE Training From JASONBENNICK

Start Your Startup With Confidence

Discover 3 vital mistakes nearly all first-time startup founders make… and how to avoid them.
Learn the single most important rule for getting your startup to cash-flow positive.
Find out how this 10-Step program can help you decide with confidence when, how, and with whom to start your startup.
I will help you overcome the fears, barriers, or considerations you may have to become a successful entrepreneur.
Watch my WELCOME VIDEO below, then click to access your FREE TRAINING and BOOK A FREE COACHING SESSION with me. 
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Jason's Vision
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Business Meeting
Build Your Own Vision
Gain Knowledge and Skills to Start a Startup
Boost Self-Confidence to Start Your First Startup
Learn the Correct Do’s and Don’ts in Starting a Startup
Get Real Startup Advice From Behind the Scenes
Have Fun Learning How to Start Building Your Dreams!

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About Jason

Andrea d'Agostini, FL

"He is one of the most committed, focused, and dedicated professionals I've ever met. His vision and energy make him a tremendous asset. I strongly recommend to do business with him and with the companies he manages."

Wolfi Frank, CA

"His leadership and ability to resolve even difficult situations was impressive. Aside from his business acumen I appreciated his enthusiasm for what he was doing. It was refreshing working alongside Jason."

Don Drader, CA

"I found him to be a very self-motivated executive with high standards quite dedicated to bringing the job at hand to full completion. He is detail-oriented and he has demonstrated competence in motivating others successfully to achieve the intended results. What he has accomplished with his activities speaks for itself."

Ken Daniells, FL

"...watching him build a twelve-man [start-up] operation into a crackerjack operation of over 250+ was an invaluable opportunity for me to observe first hand what it means to truly understand organizational efficiency, personnel management and public relations. Jason is a tirelessly energetic, highly productive and extremely capable professional that any organization can count themselves very lucky to have on their team."

Steve Gniadek, GA

"I have the opportunity to work with Jason as a consultant... I find his knowledge, professionalism and integrity in the services they offer to be first class . He always put in the extra effort to dive deep into the regulatory landscape to ensure he has a solid understanding and knows what's best for his clients. Jason demonstrates an unyielding passion for his company and product. It is truly a joy to work with Jason."

Jamie Rellis, NY

"Jason is a great leader, I can attest to his problem solving skills... he is the man that can take charge analyze the issue and solve it quickly! Having worked personally with this man and whether its a start-up or a well healed corporation, Jason has the leadership skills to really lead the way; he has an ability to foresee issues when none exist at the time; he has a way with people that completely puts them at ease; his level of professionalism is beyond reproach, I highly recommend Jason and his companies whether you are just planning an event or to any area of marketing his experience and ability are as good as it gets!"
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How It Works
Video & Call
If you are on the fence about getting started and would like to discuss what would be best for your situation, access your FREE Training then book a call, and chat with Jason to determine what path is best for you. 
Online Course
Once you're ready, it's time to enroll! We recommend everyone to do the Full Course if they're not prepared for personal coaching. But if you are, select Premium. The course book is supported with videos for every chapter, hands-on exercises, charts and useful graphics. 
Expert Support
Email Support is available to answer questions and help along the way with any needed direction throughout the program. Live Coaching is also a paid, affordable option for entrepreneurs who want hands-on expert help.

(and book a FREE Coaching Call)

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Jason’s program is specifically designed and created for entrepreneurs (first-time or even seasoned) looking to effectively start their business or product idea as a new startup with the confidence and certainty they need to succeed.

Is this for you?


Why Now?

Because proven, well-known actionable programs are hard to find that help entrepreneurs successfully start a startup, which is why most struggle, stumble, and eventually fail, thus never making their dreams a reality.
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Don't Waste Time Experimenting
This program works and gets results.

Why waste time trying to figure it out on your own?

Build on not just my experience, but on the success of so many others incorporated into this program.

Leverage knowledge and expertise to reduce your own risk, and increase the odds of your own success.


(and book a FREE Coaching Call)

Leading Expertise At Your Fingertips
My name is Jason Bennick and I am a Founding Principle, Board Director, and Executive Vice President at Commonwealth Capital LLC, a hybrid venture capital management firm in Florida.

I am a hard-core supporter of the underdog; in helping those who have a passion to become a successful entrepreneur; and in paying in forward. 

I’ve helped create, launch, build, grow, or exit dozens of startups and saw first-hand early entrepreneurs repeatedly struggle with how to get their ideas started as a business.

Today, over 90% of startups fail within their first year, which is why I’ve made it my career mission to drastically improve those numbers and help one million startups help over one billion people.

I've taken everything I've learned in over two decades of building startups from the ground up and created this program for entrepreneurs, using proven, actionable and systematic steps to teach entrepreneurs the science of how to correctly and effectively start a startup.

Doing this program will help any entrepreneur lay the right foundation for successfully launching any great business idea.

Entrepreneurs need courage, confront, and a relentless drive to succeed.

My 10 Step Start-Up School is designed to arm entrepreneurs with the tools they need to not only start confidence, but lay the foundation to win like a boss.
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